The Central Election Commission for the first time compiled Guidebook for the Expert Group members

25 december 2023 17:25

The Central Election Commission (CEC), for the first time compiled "Guidebook for the Expert Group Members” within the frame of awareness-raising program for election stakeholders with different status regarding the early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan, appointed to February 7, 2024.

The project was carried out with the aim of raising awareness and improving the activity, thereby rendering methodical assistance to the members of the Expert Groups functioning under Constituency Election Commissions (Con.ECs) to investigate the appeals and complaints against the actions (inactions) and decisions violating citizens’ election rights.

The edition contains the statement of Mr. Mazahir Panahov, CEC Chairman to the Expert Group members. Chairman notes that the elections are for the first time being held under the conditions of fully restored sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country in every region including the areas set free from the occupation. He also reminds on great responsibility of the Expert Group members in effective guarantee of legal remedy of citizens’ election rights and wishes success to them in their accountable activity, thereby expressing his confidence in the members’ professional and decently fulfillment their duties and responsibilities as implied in the election legislation.

The booklet also includes thorough elucidating information on the investigation of the appeals on election right, timeframe, subsequence, rules for the examination of appeals and complaints and assessment of the evidences, as well as, preparation procedures of opinions and decision drafts.

The guidebook was compiled basing on the provisions of the Election Code and instructions, comments, rules and other legal documents approved by CEC.

"Guidebook for the Expert Group Members” is also posted on the CEC official webpage (

Media and Communication Department
CEC Secretariat