Regarding the Presidential elections, Technical Supervision Center on webcams was visited

31 january 2024 17:00

Regarding the early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan appointed to February 7, 2024, Mr.Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Mr.Rashad Nabiyev, Minister of Digital Development and Transport, Mr.Ilgar Musayev, Chair of Special Communication and Information Security State Service visited Technical Supervision Center on webcams located at the Commission premises on January 31, 2024and got familiarized with the final preparation works in connection with the installation of webcams that are of exceptional importance in ensuring transparency in elections. They emphasized on the essence of abiding by the requirements of the election legislation in the process of installing webcams and provided important recommendations regarding this activity.

It was informed at the event broadcasted thoroughly by the media representatives that the necessary steps were undertaken for the top-level preparation and conduct of the Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the election stakeholders were provided with inclusive atmosphere and wide opportunities. A large number of local and international observers, media representatives and different transparency institutions could participate in the election campaign freely and independently without any obstacle. Along with all other methods, the effective application of the latest innovative achievements of information and communication technologies fully ensures the continuous monitoring of the processes in the polling stations from the beginning to the end, full and inclusive observation on the voting day, thus ensuring further transparency in the elections. Azerbaijan could be considered as an example in terms of the comprehensive and broad opportunities created for the convenient and easy participation and free activities of different transparency institutions in the election process.

Ensuring high transparency has always been focused in the Presidential elections held in each region, including the regions liberated from occupation within atmosphere of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, fully restored for the first time, which is very important in the social and political life of the republic. The practice of using webcams, successfully applied in the election experience of Azerbaijan for 16 years, that demonstrates the processes live at the polling stations on the voting day on a platform open to everyone through the Internet and provides the opportunity of continuous observation throughout the day without visiting the polling stations, is still continued to be carried out in the Presidential elections and currently, webcams have been installed in 1000 polling stations covering the entire geography of the country.

On the day of voting, the monitoring of the processes in the polling stations, the adjustment of webcams and strengthening of other technical parameters to ensure effective and consistent broadcasting opportunities have been further improved. Thus, the surveillance system of webcams has been completely renewed and a new generation surveillance system has been applied and cameras which have 2 times higher image effect than previous years, with important features such as optimal network utilization, autofocus and etc. have been installed. Both the hardware and software components of the surveillance system, as well as the website intended for live monitoring of the processes at the polling stations on the voting day have been completely updated.

The foregoing web-cameras will allow internet users either inside the country or abroad opportunity of continuously observing all the processes at the polling station – voting, counting of votes and determination of results through the access of the CEC official website on the voting day without any requirement of registration.

Media and Communication Department
CEC Secretariat