Central Election Commission held seminar jointly with the Ministry of Health and TABIB

30 january 2024 15:00

Regarding the early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan appointed to February 7, 2024, a seminar was held on January 30, 2024 within the frame of co-project of the Central Election Commission with the Ministry of Health and Administration of Regional Medical Divisons (TABIB).

The event implemented within the CEC large-scale educational program covering the election stakeholders with different status targeted the discussion of the affairs on the organization of the Presidential elections in the areas temporarily settled by voters due to their health problems.

After the opening ceremony of the seminar, representatives of CEC, Ministry of Health and TABIB informed in their speech on the determination of scope as voters of people  settled temporarily due to their health and establishment of polling stations, arrangement of the voting in those polling stations, counting of votes and publication of the results. Therewith, the issues on the rules for placing voters in hospitals due to their health, transfer from hospital to hospital, their register and compilation of the lists, roles and duties of Precinct Election Commissions on the voting day and E-Day procedures were also clarified.

The event was held with the participation of the representatives of CEC, Ministry of Health and TABIB, employees of the relevant structural units of the Commission Secretariat, chairmen of the relevant Con.ECs and PECs, as well as media representatives.

At the end of the seminar, views on different issues related the agenda subjects were shared, discussions were held and the participants’ questions were responded to.

Media and Communication Department
CEC Secretariat