Central Election Commission conducted the next session on January 26, 2024

26 january 2024 19:00

The Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted the next session chaired by Mr.Mazahir Panahov on January 26, 2024. Firstly, the Commission’s session minutes dated 15, 18 and 20 January, 2024 were approved.

Later, the appeals addressed to CEC to conduct an exit-poll by the Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League (jointly with “Oracle Advisory Group” (United States of America), "Rey” ("Opinion”) Monitoring Center and “Sociological Research Center” LLC in the early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan appointed to February 7, 2024, were reviewed. After CEC members and participants of the session have been provided with detailed information about it and long discussions have been held, it was decided to implement the appeals of foregoing institutions and to register them to conduct an “exit-poll” in the Presidential elections.

Later at the session, the agents presented by the registered candidate in the elections were registered by the decision of CEC.

The compositions of some Constituency Election Commissions were made changes and current issues were considered at the session attended by international observers, commission member with consultative voting right, an observer with specific permission and media representatives.

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CEC Secretariat