Seminars started for specialists on information technologies of Constituency Election Commissions

24 january 2024 10:00

Regarding the early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan appointed to February 7, 2024, the projects of the Central Election Commission (CEC) covering the election stakeholders with different status continue to be carried out in a subsequent and systematic manner.

CEC launched another project - seminars for specialists on information technologies (IT) of Con.ECs from January 24, 2024 within the frame of large-scale educational program.

The main purpose to carry out the project is the awareness-raising of the IT specialists of Con.ECs on the updated and improved opportunities of the State Automated Information System (SAIS), to provide them with direct and practical use of software, as well as, to clarify the issues interesting to the participants.

Within the framework of the seminars, IT specialists will work in a test mode in practical workshops, using a special program for direct transfer of the information on voter turnout and protocol voting results to CEC on the day of the Presidential elections, thus further improving their practical knowledge, experience and professional skills and also, facilitating to use the SAIS system accurately, promptly and conveniently on Election Day.

Seminars for IT specialists of Constituency Election Commissions are scheduled to last for 3 days and to end on January 26, 2024.

Media and Communication Department
CEC Secretariat