The new project on Presidential elections in “Asan service” centers was implemented

08 january 2024 12:00

Innovative solution for participation in the upcoming early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan to be held on February 7, 2024 was ensured in “Asan service” centers.


The functional section named “Check voter status” has been added to the “Asan queue” terminals which are located in the centers. Citizens may check their entries in the voters’ list after their ID cards are read at the above-mentioned location and find out in which polling station to vote.


Additionally, the information about election constituencies and precincts on registration, the address of the polling station to vote is available.


If the data is not displayed on the system, it is also possible to apply to CEC by entering the contact details in the opened screen.


The foregoing innovative solution has been implemented within the frame of the co- project of CEC with the “Asan service”.

During the day approximately, 40 000 applications are filed by citizens to “Asan service” and meanwhile, citizens could make sure promptly where to vote by using this system.