Central Election Commission compiled Guide for Observers

05 january 2024 15:22

The Central Election Commission (CEC) compiled “Guide for Observers” within the framework of awareness-raising program for election stakeholders with different status regarding the early Presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan, appointed to February 7, 2024.


The main goal to carry out the project and compile the guidebook is raising awareness, thereby rendering methodical assistance to the observers who will monitor the upcoming Presidential elections.


The edition contains broad information on the explanation of some basic concepts and principles of conducting observation, as well as, rights and duties of observers.


The guidebook was compiled basing on the provisions of the Election Code and instructions, comments, rules and other legal documents approved by CEC.


“Guide for Observers” which has been compiled in three languages – Azerbaijani, English and Russian is also available through lower election commissions and the official webpage of the Central Election Commission (www.msk.gov.az).

Media and Communication Department
CEC Secretary