Central Election Commission ended the process of compile and update of permanent voters' list of 2023

26 may 2023 17:50

According to the Election Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the compilation of voters list for the year 2023 across the country started from the beginning of January this year, the preparation of permanent voters list has ended within five months after the process undertaken in consistent and systematic manner.

It is worth noting that since the beginnings of every year permanent voters’ list shall be submitted to the Central Election Commission (CEC) upon the compile by Constituency Election Commissions (Con.ECs) and Precinct Election Commissions (PECs) basing on the information of voters with active suffrage, presented by heads of relevant executive authorities and municipalities, commander-in chiefs of military units. After the relevant activities are undertaken, the lists shall be verified by relevant PECs and Con.ECs and publicized via the State Automated Information System (SAIS) no later than May 30. The process was ended after the permanent voters’ lists has been compiled and updated in compliance with the foregoing election legislation.

More than 38000 members of lower election commissions were involved in the compilation of lists and Ministry of Interior Affairs and Ministry of Justice cooperated with certain bodies, local authorities and municipal authorities. During this time, CEC hot line 115 and online possibility of application were always in discretion of voters, posters inviting to check the names of voters were placed in digital platforms and all of these played significant role in efficiency of the works implemented. As usual, this year voters list made a huge impact on appropriate compilation and print of voters list according to high standards.

On May 26, 2023 CEC members got familiarized with the re-compiled version and conditions of maintenance of single voters’ list with the participation of media representatives at the Commission’s administrative premises. The Commission members and media representatives were thoroughly informed on the opportunities of the State Automated Information System and further improved program software in the field of compilation and update of voters’ lists.

The participants were informed on large-scale activity carried out till the end of May at the session. Chairman thanked the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Justice, local executive authorities and other appropriate bodies for the assistance provided by them in the process.

It was decided at the Commission session to regard the works for the compile and update of permanent voters’ lists of 2023 as finalized, to send the lists to relevant Con.ECs for the verification by PECs and Con.ECs, to compile permanent voters’ list on the Republic of Azerbaijan via the State Automated Information System and to publicize them on the Commission website upon the verification as in compliance with the Election Code.

It is worth noting that 6334178 voters were included in single voters’ list on the country at the end of the update process, 47,44% of them were male and 52,56% female voters.

It was decided at the session to approve the session minute on April 12, 2023 to make amendments to some legal acts and also to the structures of some Con.ECs.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat