Central Election Commission conducted a session on February 6, 2023

06 february 2023 19:18
The Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted a session chaired by Mr. Mazahir Panahov on February 6, 2023.

Firstly, the session minute of the Commission, dated 16 August 2022 was approved. Later, the issue on the legal documents of CEC was considered. By the Commission decision, some legal documents had been conformed with the amendments made recently to the legislation. Therewith, the structures of some Constituency Election Commissions (Con.ECs) were made changes.

It was informed at the Commissions session that pursuant to the Election Code, a process of compilation and update of single voters’ list had been started in Azerbaijan since the beginnings of January 2023. The large-scale process implemented in close cooperation with relevant local executive authorities and municipalities involved more than thirty seven thousand commissioners of all lower election commissions existing in the country.

As determined by the election legislation, the compilation of voters’ list was conducted by Precinct Election Commissions (PECs) in the first stage and the process was carried out within the borders of election precincts within the timeframe defined in law. PECs have presented the voters’ lists compiled on polling stations to relevant Con.EC no later than February 5, 2023.

In the next stage Con.ECs submit the voters’ lists to CEC up to April 5 following the update and analyzing compared to the information and statistic data received from the relevant bodies after checking the preliminary voters’ lists on election constituencies. And CEC collects the database entered by voters and verifies the voters’ list within the timeframe and manner defined in the legislation upon examination of the repetitions and inaccurateness might be encountered in the lists via specific software for quality and statistic analyze of voters’ entries.

Pursuant to the Election Code, the foregoing process is considered to be finalized till the end of May in current year.

The representatives of foreign organizations and media outlets also participated at the CEC session.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat