Address to mass media - 16.08.2013

to mass media for the importance of abiding by the legal requirements on pre-
election campaign in Presidential Elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan
scheduled for 9 October 2013

Dear chiefs and representatives of mass media!

As you know, the upcoming Presidential Elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been appointed to 9 October 2013 by Central Election Commission. At the present, the processes of presidential candidates’ nomination and verification and collection of voter signatures in support of candidates are underway. As required by the election legislation, pre-election campaign in these elections could be conducted only by the authorized persons entitled for the activity since 16 September till 08.00 a.m. on 8 October by means defined by law and by following the rules.

It is prohibited for mass media to publish and broadcast any campaign materials causing the violation of the time limits and rules implied by law for pre-election campaign, as well as, which are in favor of or against certain candidate (registered candidate) or which might be treated so.

For ensuring the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections which meet democratic requirements and has got special importance in the country history, it is very essential that the mass media that plays an important role in the process should function in comply with legal requirements.

Central Election Commission recommends mass media to strictly abide by legal requirements in this process and believes that heads of these agencies and other media representatives will play an important role in strengthening international image of the republic and fulfill the duties undertaken by them in this important activity.

Central Election Commission
of the Republic of Azerbaijan