Free airtime and space for publication - 06.11.2019


With the aim of conducting pre-election campaign in mass media during the Municipal Elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan scheduled for 23 December 2019, the political parties, blocs of political parties, the candidates of which have been registered in more than half of the municipalities in the country will be allocated free airtime and space of publication in the following mass media:

-Publiv TV and Radio Broadcasting company;

-"Azerbaijan” newspaper;

-"Khalg” ("People”) newspaper;

-"Bakinsky rabochiy” newspaper.

In the case the foregoing bodies, as well as other TV and radio broadcasting companies and periodical editorials make a decision on the allocation of payable airtime or space for publication with the aim of pre-referendum campaign, they shall send relevant notifications on this to the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan, thereby publishing the information on the grounds, terms and amount of the airtime and space at latest 30 days after the official publication of the decision on the appointment of the Municipal Elections.

Central Election Commission

of the Republic of Azerbaijan