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Central Election Commission conducted a session on August 4, 2022


The Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted a session chaired by Mr. Mazahir Panahov on August 4, 2022.

Firstly, the session minute of the Commission, dated 26 July 2022 was approved. Later, the issue on legal documents of CEC was considered. By the Commission decision, some normative acts have been adjusted to the amendments made recently to the legislation.

Re-formation of Supervision-inspection service of CEC was also discussed at the session. Pursuant to the Election Code, Supervision-inspection service was approved in a structure comprising of CEC members, as well as, specialists of the Ministry of Finance, State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy, Central Bank and Chamber of Accounting and a member of the Commission was appointed a head of the service.

During the session the issue on the improvement and increasing the efficiency of the activity of the CEC Secretariat was also considered and it was decided to make relevant amendments to the Secretariat Regulation upon the Commission members’ discussion. Due to the adopted decision, Sector of "Human resources” was established within the General Department of the Secretariat and the name of "Media and Public Relations” Department was changed into "Media and Communication” Department. It was also considered to function "Work with Political Parties and Public Organizations” Department under the Secretariat and to include Sector of "Work with Political parties in Elections (Referendum)” into the above-mentioned Department.

CEC also made amendments to the structures of some Constituency Election Commissions.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat

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