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Pursuant to the Election Code, the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CEC) implements legal, organizational and methodical, analytic informational, financial, documentation, publication, technical, logistics and social support of its activity through the Secretariat.

The Secretariat functions on the basis of mutual relations of the departments and other structural units under its administration.

The structure, personnel and salary are determined within the limits of the funding allocated by state budget for CEC.

Rights, duties and responsibilities of the Secretariat personnel are determined by the relevant legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Regulations approved by the Commission.

The Election and Labor Codes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law on “Civil Service” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Regulation, relevant normative and other legislative acts, orders and decrees by CEC are taken as a basis by the Secretariat.

The Secretariat has got an official blank form and round seal with the words “Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan. SECRETARIAT” on it.

Authorities of the Secretariat

The Secretariat takes activities in the following fields within its competence to ensure the activity of CEC and its members as defined by legislation:
- implements the establishment of the election constituencies and precincts, arrangement of works on the voters’ lists and other organizational activities;
- takes part in the preparation of normative acts and other document drafts and organizes their legal examination;
- ensures the implementation of mutual relations with the election bodies of foreign countries and exchange of practice with the international organizations functioning in the field of elections;
- implements informational and software support through the State Automated Information System (SAIS);
- organizes the work with documents and staff, implements the clerical activity;
- implements monitoring of general activity of lower election commissions;
- implements relationship with mass media and community, as well as, ensures analytic-informational support in this field;
- renders practical assistance to ensure the implementation of publication and printing works;
- ensures the publication of normative acts and other materials, as well as, timely delivery of the documents to be included in State Register of Legal acts to the relevant state bodies and implementation of decisions;
- implements financial, technical and logistics support of the activity of election commissions;
- organizes the works for ensuring the activity of the bodies under CEC (control-inspection service, Press group, Expert group considering the appeals and complaints) in a manner defined by election legislation;
- arranges reception of citizens;
- implements the orders of CEC Chairman and ensures mutual activity with other bodies upon Chairman’s instructions.

Structural units of the Secretariat

The Secretariat led directly by the CEC Chairman is comprised of the following structural units functioning mutually:

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