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Survey on technical supervision centre on webcams regarding the nationwide voting (referendum)


The works for implementation of wide-scale projects regarding the nationwide voting (referendum) on September 26, 2016 is going to be finalized.

On September 22, Mr. Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission and Mr. Ali Abbasov, Minister of Communication and High Technologies examined technical supervision centre on webcams and got familiarized with final preparation works in connection with the installation of webcams.

It was mentioned that transparency was one of the most important principles in the preparation and conduct of the nationwide voting (referendum) that was an essential public and political event in the history of the country. The republic could be an example for broad and inclusive opportunities for a number of transparency institutions, especially, for local and international observers, also media representatives. Alongside with all other means, the latest improvements in the field of information and communication technologies are also widely used to ensure transparency at high level as in compliance with international standards in either elections or referendum conducted in the country, thus facilitates continuous observation of the processes from the beginning till the end, the broad and inclusive observation, thereby ensuring transparency more efficiently.

The practice of applying the practice of webcams since 2008 which allows monitoring the voting process through internet lively without visiting the polling station is going to be continued in the nationwide voting (referendum).

Webcams have been installed in 1000 polling stations (approximately 20 %) covering the whole territory of the country to observe processes in full capacity in the election precincts on the voting day. The installation, regulation and other technical parameters of webcams are always focused on to guarantee their effective and incessant broadcasting access. Internet users will be facilitated to observe the voting process, vote counting and determination of the results on the voting day either in the country or abroad without any requirement of registration directly and continuously.

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