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Central Election Commission conducted the first session in new membership


Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted the first session in new membership on April 27, 2021.

Chairman, Deputy Chairman and two secretaries of the Commission were elected at the session.

Mrs. Sahiba Gafarova, Chairman of the Milli Majlis also took part at the session.

Having reminded on the approval of the new membership of the Central Election Commission by the Milli Majlis on April 27, 2021, Mrs. Sahiba Gafarovanoted:” Elections and nation-wide voting play an important role in the democratic development of Azerbaijan. The preparation and conduct of the elections in compliance with the legislation is a priority issue. To this view, CEC carries great responsibility. To my mind, the Commission has fulfilled honestly the duty undertaken during the past period. The Commission has got its own place in the political system of the country today”.

Later, Shaitdin Aliyev, eldest member of CEC declared open the first session in new membership.

Afterwards, the election of CEC chairman, deputy chairman and secretaries was held by open voting.

Mr. Mazahir Panahov was unanimously elected CEC Chairman.

Mazahir Panahov expressed his gratitude to all the members of the Milli Majlis for the respect to the new membership of CEC and stated that the Commission would undertake all necessary activities in its further functioning to conduct transparent and democratic elections in the country, thereby focusing on the interests of our state and statehood. The activity of the Central Election Commission is accepted as a sample in many countries nowadays.

Mazahir Panahov emphasized that the guarantee of the citizens’ election rights as their other constitutional rights, is the head of our state. There are 3 important criteria to implement this right – sustainable public tranquility, the existence of stable and developed framework and creation of correct working conditions for more than 30 thousands of election commission members. The realization of all the above-mentioned is the result of President Ilham Aliyev’s political will. Chairman Mazahir Panahov expressed once more his gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev for all these on behalf of the Central Election Commission.

Later, by voting Rovzat Gasimov was elected Deputy Chairman, Arifa Mukhtarova was elected CEC secretary representing independent deputies and Mikayil Rahimov was elected CEC Secretary representing the political parties which constitute minority at the Milli Majlis.