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Central Election Commission conducted a session on February 22, 2020


The Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted the following session chaired by Mr. MazahirPanahov on February 22, 2020.

During the session CEC reviewed the appeals filed in connection with the Elections to the MilliMajlis, dated February 9, 2020with the participation of the interested stakeholders and plaintiffs. The Commission displayed the additional views submitted directly during the session and adopted relevant decisions in compliance with the election legislation after discussions. As a result of investigating the information from different social pages and other resources, the Commission decided to annul the voting results on the following 11 polling stations where the Elections to the MilliMajlis was held, upon considering the cases that made impossible to determine voters’ will and the cases contrary to the requirements of the Election Code: PEC # 25 of GaradaghCon.EC # 11, PEC # 6 of YevlakhCon.EC # 48, PEC # 3 of AghjabediCon.EC # 82 and PEC # 9 of Aghjabedi-FuzuliCon.EC # 83.

Current issues were also considered at the session attended by representatives of international and foreign organizations and mass media.

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