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Ballot papers for the Elections to the Milli Majlis started to be distributed to Constituency Election Commissions


Regarding the upcoming Elections to the Milli Majlis to be held on February 9, 2020, the distribution of ballot papers to Constituency Election Commissions (Con.ECs) started.

During the event which took place at the Press of the Milli Majlis and attended by the members, colleagues of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission, as well as Con.EC chairpersons and secretaries, the representatives of international and foreign organizations, mass media and different election stakeholders were provided with free access to the process.

The first day – on February 2, 2020, ballot papers are planned to be handed over to 62 election constituencies covering Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and other remote regions, on the next day to all Con.ECs of the country. Ballot papers are handed over to the Con.EC chairpersons basing on an act compiled with the participation of the Con.EC chairpersons and secretaries, which indicate the number of ballot papers, date of issue and time. The protection of the process of transfer, preserve and distribution of the ballot papers prepared in high safety conditions provided by the Special State Security Service is ensured by the relevant institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the event held in the Press of the Milli Majlis mass media was informed thoroughly on the legal requirements on the preparation and deliverance of ballot papers, all the stages were broadly broadcasted by media representatives to ensure transparency and the questions interesting to journalists were replied to.

It should be noted that after the text, format, number and preparation rules of ballot papers in the Elections to the Milli Majlis have been approved by the Central Election Commission within the timeframe defined by the legislation, the ballot papers started to be printed from January 27, 2020 and 5 387 600 (five million three hundred and eighty seven thousand six hundred) ballot papers were printed by the Commission decision.

Pursuant to the Election Code, after the ballot papers have been issued to Con.ECs, they will be provided to PECs by Con.ECs at least 3 days prior to the Election Day.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat