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Central Election Commission conducted a session on January 5, 2020


The Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted the following session chaired by Mr.MazahirPanahov on January 5, 2020. Firstly, the session minute of the Commission, dated 28 December 2019 was approved.

Later, the CEC reviewed the appeals in connection with the Municipal Elections on December 23, 2019 and the Elections to the MilliMajlis, dated February 9, 2020.After discussing the appeals on the Elections to the MilliMajlis, the Commission canceled the decision of the relevant Constituency Election Commission on non-registration of the candidate and decided to register a self-nominee in the Elections to the MilliMajlis.

The Commission adopted relevant decisions upon investigating theappeals received within the manner and timeframe prescribed by lawregarding the Municipal Elections on December 23, 2019to ensure citizens' election rightsmore effectively. Following the discussion of the Commission members, the results of voting on the PEC # 24 of Surakhanifirst
Con.EC # 30 and the PEC # 30 of Surkhanisecond Con.EC # 31were considered invalid and the above-mentioned PECs were dismissed.

The current issues were also considered at the session attended by the representatives of mass media.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat