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Ballot Papers for the upcoming Municipal Elections started to be printed


The Central Election Commission (CEC) started to print the ballot papers for the upcoming Municipal Elections of 23 December.

To this aim, Mr. Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission and members of the Commission participated in the event held at the Parliamentary Printing House on November 30 2019. After Mr. Mazahir Panahov, CEC Chairman has viewed the process of printing the ballot papers and the conditions in the printing house, he provided his recommendations to comply with legislation during the printing and handling of the ballot papers to the subordinate election commissions as outlined in the legislation.

While addressing the media representatives about the printing process implemented in fully open and transparent atmosphere for the all election stakeholders, the CEC Chairman informed that the text, number and requirements for the preparation of the ballot papers are defined by the CEC. In general, 5 020 287 (five million twenty thousandtwo hundreds and eighty seven) ballot papers, - separately for each of 1606 municipalities where elections are to be held, is considered to be printed.

The ballot papers on the municipalities where the registration of the candidacies have already been ended started to be printed. Upon being printed, the ballot papers are delivered to Constituency Election Commissions from the Central Election Commission and from Constituency Election Commissions to Precinct Election Commissions within a manner and time frame defined in the legislation.

The CEC chairman proved detailed information on the projects and recent preparation works for the conduct of elections in a free, fair and transparent environment, thereby replying to the questions addressed by journalists at the briefing arranged for the media outlets.

It is worth noting that the protection of the process of printing the ballot papers is being carried out by the Special State Protection Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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