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Central Election Commission compiled "E-Day Guide"


The Central Election Commission (CEC) compiled "E-Day Guide” within the educational program for lower election commissions regarding the upcoming Municipal Elections.

The project is targeted at awareness-raising of members of Precinct Election Commissions (PECs) on E-day procedures and improving further their activity.

The edition contains a statement of Mr. Mazahir Panahov, CEC Chairman to the PEC members. In his statement Chairman reminds of great responsibility of PECs in the conduct of the Municipal elections in compatibility with legal requirements that plays an important role in the public and political life of the country and also wishes success to them in ensuring the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections.

The edition thoroughly clarifies the roles and duties of the PEC members, opening of the polling station, and the activities during the voting hours, closing of the polling station, vote counting and filling out final protocols on the voting results.

The guidebook is compiled basing on the provisions of the Election Code and the instructions, comments and rules approved by CEC.

"E-Day Guide” is available from lower election commissions, as well as on the CEC official webpage (

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CEC Secretariat