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Central Election Commission held a seminar-conference in Ganja


The following seminar-conference regarding the court jurisdiction of the complaints on the violation of the election right was held in Ganja on November 13, 2019 within the frame of educational program of the Central Election Commission (CEC) regarding the forthcoming Municipal Elections.

The basic goal of conducting the event is
the awareness-raising of Constituency Election Commissions related to the election dispute resolution and increasing the efficiency of the activities implemented in this field.

During the seminar-conference Mikayil Rahimov, CEC Secretary, Rahib Nabizadeh, Judge of the Supreme Court, Fuad Javadov, CEC member and Tapdig Mahmudov, Chair of Ganja Court of Appeal made introductory speeches.

Later, the representatives of CEC, Supreme Court and Ganja Court of Appeal presented on "The rules for filing appeals and complaints on the violation of citizens’ election rights and their investigation”, "Application of the legislation by courts regarding the protection of the election right” and "Court execution of the activities on legal remedy of election right” and other speeches on election dispute resolution were heard at the seminar-conference.

At the end of the event attended by chairpersons of 26 Con.ECs - Nizami I (Ganja) Con.EC # 37, Nizami II (Ganja)Con.EC # 38, Kapaz I (Ganja)Con.EC # 39, Kapaz II (Ganja)Con.EC # 40, YevlakhCon.EC # 48, AghjabadiCon.EC # 82, Aghjabadi-FuzuliCon.EC # 83, UjarCon.EC # 91, Zardab-UjarCon.EC # 92, BardacityCon.EC # 93, BardavillageCon.EC # 94, TartarCon.EC # 95, Goranboy-NaftalanCon.EC # 96, Goranboy-Aghdam-TartarCon.EC # 97, Shamkir cityCon.EC # 98, Shamkir villageCon.EC # 99, Shamkir-DashkasanCon.EC # 100, Goygol-DashkasanCon.EC # 101, Samukh-ShamkirCon.EC # 102, GadabayCon.EC # 103, Gadabay-TovuzCon.EC # 104, TovuzCon.EC # 105, Tovuz-Gazakh-AghstafaCon.EC # 106, GazakhCon.EC # 107, AghstafaCon.EC # 108 andAghdam village Con.EC # 119many actual discussions on the issues of court jurisdiction of the complaints on the violation of the election right were held and the questions interesting to the participants were replied to.

Let’s note that the next seminar-conferences dedicated to election dispute resolution are scheduled to be held in Shaki on November 14, in Shirvan on November 15 and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on November 18, 2019.