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Central Election Commission conducted a session on November 7, 2019


The Central Election Commission (CEC) conducted the following session chaired by Mr. Mazahir Panahov on November 7, 2019. Firstly, the session minute of the Commission, datedNovember 5, 2019 were approved.

Later, the rules for the preparation and number of final protocols on the voting results of election commissions in Municipal elections appointed to December 23, 2019 was appointed.

The issue on the text, form, number and procedures for preparing ballot papers related to the Municipal elections was also considered, and after a discussion of the Commission members it was decided to print 5,020,287 (five million twenty thousand two hundred eighty seven) ballot papers.

At the CEC session, the issue on the registration of the authorized representatives of the
Unity Party in the forthcoming Municipal elections was also considered and the persons presented by this party were registered as authorized representatives.

Current issues were also discussed at the session attended by the mass media representatives.

Media and Public Relations Department

CEC Secretariat