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The issues on investigation of election-related appeals were discussed in regional seminar organized in Shaki by CEC


The next regional seminar dedicated to election dispute resolution was held in Shaki on October 31, 2019 with the organization of the Central Election Commission (CEC) regarding the Municipal Elections, appointed to December 23, 2019.

The seminar was attended by CEC membersValidaKazimovaand IlkinShahbazov, as well as generally, 51representatives of lower election commissions including 3 members of the Expert Group from each of 17 Constituency Election Commissions (Con.ECs) of northern-western and surrounding towns and regions of the country.

CEC member ValidaKazimova who opened the seminar reported on the activities implemented by CEC regarding the preparation for the Municipal Elections. It was informed that the basic goal of conducting the regional seminarswas raising awareness and increasing practical skills of the members of the Expert Group of Con.ECs.

Later, IlkinShahbazov, another CEC member made a broad presentation on "Legal requirements for investigation of the election-related appeals and principles of examining complaints”.Filing a complaint on the violation of the election right, the format and text of the complaint filed by citizens, time period for filing a complaint on the violation of election right, time period for adopting a decision on the complaint, as well as the following procedures upon receiving an appeal or complaint were thoroughly clarified for the seminar participants.

CEC member ValidaKazimovapresented on "Investigation of the election-related appeals and basis of the activity of Expert Groups”.

It was stated that investigation of election related appeals by Con.ECs was very important and played essential role in ensuring citizens’ election rights more effectively. Therefore, the members of Expert Groups of Con.ECs shall possess the legal requirements on the issues thoroughly and fulfil their duties honestly.

During the practical phase of the seminar samples of different type of appeals and complaints on topics were reviewed and adoption of relevant decisions on those complaints by the election commissions were considered.

The questions interesting to the participants were replied to at the end of the seminar.