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Update of voters' list on the country


Pursuant to the Election Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the update of voters’ list started to be updated from the beginnings of January 2019. This large-scale process of updating the voters’ lists effectively involved more than thirty thousand members of all lower election commissions and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Justice, also local executive authorities and municipalities are cooperated with closely in the update process.

Single voters’ list was compiled primarily by Precinct Election Commissions as in compliance with the legislation. Members of Precinct Election Commissions updated the voters’ lists of their precincts basing on the data submitted by local executive authorities and municipalities, thereby submitted the voters’ lists compiled on precincts to relevant Constituency Election Commission up to February 5.

Furthermore, Constituency Election Commissions shall check the voters’ lists and analyze according to the information and statistic data entered by the relevant organizations, and upon the update of preliminary voters’ lists on relevant election constituencies within their territory, shall submit them to the Central Election Commission up to April 5.

The Central Election Commission will also implement in its turn the compilation of single voters’ list on the country. The process is scheduled to be finalized till the end of May at the latest and single voters’ list compiled on the country is going to be publicized on the CEC official webpage.

It is worth noting that the citizens who could not find their entries in the voters’ lists due to any reason may call hotline # 115 of the CEC or fill out the online application form on the CEC webpage.

Media and Public Relations Department
CEC Secretariat