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Mazahir Panahov spoke about the experience of Azerbaijan in the usage of modern technologies in elections at international conference held in Astana


An international conference and exhibition on "Role of modern technologies in elections: improvement of standards and public confidence” is held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

During the conference an exhibition on the history of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan was held.

The delegation led by Mr. Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission represented Azerbaijan at the conference dedicated to the 25
th anniversary of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan benefits the practice of using modern technologies in the election process of Azerbaijan. This was echoed at the international conference on "Role of modern technologies in elections: improvement of standards and public confidence”. It was mentioned that Azerbaijan had obtained important improvements in the development of an election system that is one of the main principles of democracy.

Mr. Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission made speech on the topic of "Using modern technologies in elections: Experience of Azerbaijan” at the event attended by the heads of the Central Election Commissions of Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, India and other countries. Chairman informed on the improvements attained in this field in Azerbaijan upon carrying out prospective reforms. Thus, through these reforms the practice of the developed democratic countries was studied, basing on this experience a legal framework was established in the country, partnership with international organizations was developed further and availabilities of using information and communication technologies were increased. Mr. Mazahir Panahov informed the conference participants that the major reforms to improve the election system in Azerbaijan had been started to be carried out since 2000, thus leading to the formation of the State automated Information System in the country. The reforms contributed to ensuring transparency and openness in elections, protection of the election stakeholders’ rights, implementing the systematic activity of different election stakeholders and lower election commissions and providing conditions for equal election campaign of candidates.

The conference participants heard about the establishment of the relevant legal framework to build well-informed society in the country in regard with the implementation of the State Program of "National Strategy for the information and communication technologies on the development of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. Through the implemented state programs and reforms, an e-government was formed, human resources were increased and many other important steps were put for the settlement of problems connected with information security in Azerbaijan. All these contributed to the reinforcement of using electronic means in all election processes in the country.

In their presentations on the election experiences of their countries, the other speakers also emphasized the importance of electronic services in the improvement of the election process.

Let’s note that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Central Election Commissions of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan at the end of the conference.

The conference was attended by the representatives and members of the Association of World Election Bodies, Association of European Election Officials, Association of Asian Election Authorities and heads of the election management bodies of 14 foreign countries.