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Information of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Unofficial translation

The voting process on April 11, 2018 of the Presidential elections in the Republic of Azerbaijan is being held in a free atmosphere and in accordance with the requirements of law.

In general, the Central Election Commission so far didn’t register any official information on any violation of the law during the election period and the voting.

However, in social media some forces who are interested in casting a shadow on democratic and transparent elections (Meydan TV and some subjects who are interested in spreading its information) disseminate false information that are not true and are not based on the facts.

Some examples include reports in reference to the observer Ali Zeynalov that ballot boxes in polling stations No 5, 6 and 7 of Yasamal Constituencies No. 17 do not meet standards, some Commission members are receiving orders from higher authorities, ballot stuffing, etc. However in fact, this person did not observe the voting in any of those polling stations or in the constituency as a whole.

The fact that a school No 52 is located in the constituency No 15, the location of precincts No 5, 6 and 7 of constituency No 17 in that school, claiming that violations were committed in the No 57 Hajigabul-Kurdamir election constituency despite the absence of this constituency, and creating obstacles on behalf of anonymous observers are of this kind.

CEC states that the goal of such internet resources and social networking profiles disseminating false information aims to overshadow free, democratic and fair presidential election in Azerbaijan and mislead international and local observers.

It is impossible to take seriously such disinformation while there are more than 60,000 local and international observers acting without any hindrance and 1000 webcams providing the possibility of direct online monitoring.

CEC underlines that it will take necessary steps to implement all measures to protect the rights of voters in Azerbaijan, to prevent possible violations and eliminate their consequences.