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Brief statistic information on presidential elections
Constituency Election Commissions – 125
Precinct Election Commissions – 5641
• Permanent polling stations – 5426
• Temporary polling stations – 215
Registered candidates to presidency – 8
Campaign opportunities for candidates to presidency
Permanent venues for the meeting
Observers accredited by CEC and Con.ECs
• International observers – 894 (61 organizations, 59 countries)
• Local observers – 58175
Commission members with consultative right appointed to election commissions – 5253
Events for voters with disabilities
The polling stations where mobile ramps have been installed to facilitate the voters with mobility impairment to move independently – 1455
Every PEC is planned to be provided with stencils in Braille alphabet for the visually disabled people to vote independently
Education program
• Activities implemented for the awareness-raising of different election participants
- Conference for Con.EC chairpersons
- Professional courses on electoral right
- Seminars on election dispute resolution
- Trainings for lower election commission members
- Seminar-training at the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice
- Training on election right for employees of Ombudsman
- Training for employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Seminar-conference for mass media
- Seminar-conference jointly with the Ministry of Public Health
- Seminar-conferences jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs
- Seminars for computer operators of Con.EC
- TV clips
- Posters
• Print materials
- Election Code
- Instruction booklets
- Calendar plan
- Election Day Guide
- Guide for Observers
- Guide for the police
- Guide for mass media