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  1. on rules for the establishment of voters initiative groups and nomination of candidates on their own initiative or by voters initiative groups in Municipal Elections
  2. on the rules for the nomination of candidates by political parties and political party blocs in Municipal Elections
  3. for providing the candidate to municipality membership, authorized representatives of political parties, political party blocs with signature sheets by the Constituency Election Commission in Municipal Elections
  4. for collecting information on the amount and source of income, property of the candidate to the municipality membership

    Decision 16/99, Appendice #1, Appendice #2
  5. on the rules for collection of voters signatures in support of the candidate to municipality membership and submitting signature sheets and the documents to be attached to them to the Constituency Election Commission in Municipal Elections
  6. for checking the accuracy of the information in election documents submitted to constituency election commission for the approval and registration of candidacy in Municipal Elections
  7. on the rules for the distribution of financial funds allocated by the State budget among election commissions for the preparation and conduct of the Municipal Elections, usage of the mentioned funds on determination, as well as control on the usage
  8. on rules for opening specific election accounts in Municipal Elections
  9. on the rules for receipt of monetary resources to election funds, conducting of records of expenses and reporting rules in Municipal Elections
  10. on the rules for returning of monetary units entered election funds in Municipal Elections
  11. on the rules for conducting pre-election campaign via mass media in Municipal Elections
  12. on the rules for completing the voting results protocol of Precinct Election Commissions
  13. on the rule for completing the voting results protocol of the Constituency Election Commission in the Municipal Electionsx