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Law Department

Implements law-based support of the CEC activity;

Participates in the preparation of normative acts, other document drafts and reports of CEC;

Organizes legal examination of normative acts, checks the legitimacy of the documents prepared by other structural units of the Secretariat and approves them officially, also provides advises on legal justification of practical activities, decision drafts and other documents;

Participates in the preparation of order drafts of the Commission Chairman and approves their legitimacy officially;

Participates in the preparation and conduct of professional courses on election right for lower election commissions, as well as, voters’ educational programs;

Implements works with Con.ECs and PECs and controls abidance of legal requirements by them, organizes seminars in this field periodically and provides law-based advises;

By implementing inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints sent by the Commission Chairman to the department, prepares analytical and operative information, opinions, references and letters of response on them;

Participates as an authorized representative of CEC in courts and protects its interests in a manner defined by legislation;

Ensures the establishment of foundation for elections and law literature;

Renders assistance to lower election commissions in their activity in an administrative manner;

Implements other duties within its competence.

All the personnel of Law department except chief specialist shall be high-educated lawyers.

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