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International relations department

Assists the development and reinforcement of CEC mutual relations with election bodies of foreign countries;

Studies election (referendum) legislation of foreign states and international election practice;

Prepares opinions and suggestions for the CEC administration regarding practice exchange with foreign countries, visit programs for the representatives of the election bodies of foreign states and international organizations;

Organizes the accreditation of international observers arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan and provides necessary service to ensure their activity;

By implementing inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints sent by the Commission Chairman to the department, prepares analytical and operative information, opinions, references and letters of response on them;

Organizes interpretation during the meetings with the representatives of foreign countries and international organizations, records discourses and negotiations, if necessary, ensures translation of documents and materials, as well as, their delivery to the relevant bodies;

Participates in the compile of CEC reports and prepares information for mass media together with Media and Public relations department of the Secretariat;

Implements other duties within its competence.

Training sector

Organizes trainings within the relevant programs defined by CEC for awareness- raising and developing professional skills of the lower election commission members.

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