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Information center (department)

Implements informational and software support of the CEC activity through the State Automated Information System (SAIS);

Ensures timely collection, delivery and re-process of the information through SAIS (with regard to voters’ registration, compile of voters’ lists, determination of the voting results and election returns) in the elections (referendum) process;

Types and submits the relevant information entered to SAIS for inclusion in the protocol of the election commission;

Delivers the information to be included in SAIS to informational and communicational means in a manner defined by CEC and makes the election commissions familiar with this information timely and effectively;

Participates in the compile of CEC reports, other document drafts, materials and recommendations to render methodical assistance to Con.ECs and PECs;

By implementing inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints sent by the Commission Chairman to the Center, prepares analytical and operative information, opinions, references and letters of response on them;

Renders assistance to lower election commissions in their activity in an administrative manner;

Implements other duties within its competence.

Sector of Automation of Information Systems

Ensures the preparation, application and implementation of informational technologies and new programs to ensure incessant and effective activity of SAIS;

Ensures the establishment of databases on elections (referendum), voters’ lists, structures of election commissions and installation of relevant inquiry systems at SAIS.

Sector of Control and Coordination of Informational Network Ensures internet access of computers of the structural units at Secretariat;

Controls SAIS and Secretariat network, also ensures the elimination of network problems;

Renders methodical and practical assistance to structural units of Secretariat in the usage of modern automated management tools;

Ensures the publication of voters’ lists.

Sector of Technical and System Support

Checks technical condition of computers connected to SAIS;

Ensures the use of computers and informational technologies and the preparation of new programs in daily activity of the structural units of Secretariat;

Provides prophylactic and technical service of computers, copying devices and other electronic equipments.

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