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General department

Ensures clerical activities and working with the documents and dossiers of the CEC personnel;

Participates in the compile of CEC reports, as well as, documents and materials;

Ensures informing CEC members and the invited persons on the sessions, also records the attendance of the members;

Ensures the compile of CEC session minutes, if necessary, takes video and audio records of the sessions, as well as, preserves relevant documents;

Registers normative acts, orders and decrees by the Commission Chairman, as well as, inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints submitted to the Commission and establishes turnover of the submitted and delivered documents;

Ensures obtaining information on the implementation of CEC decisions and orders from the election commissions, state bodies, offices and organizations;

By implementing inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints sent by the Commission Chairman to the department, prepares analytical and operative information, opinions, references and letters of response on them;

Controls the abidance of clerical rules by the structural units of Secretariat and makes them familiar with relevant documents and materials to fulfill their duties;

Informs the Commission administration on the number, characteristics of written and verbal appeals of citizens, as well as, the results of the investigation;

Takes necessary activities for familiarizing the chairpersons of lower election commissions with the rules for the record, delivery and preservation of documents and therewith, ensures organization of periodical seminars for them;

Arranges preservation, filing and cancel of documents and materials of the election commissions in a manner defined by legislation;

Compiles the orders and decrees of the Commission Chairman and submits them for signature;

Officially registers and records official trips of CEC members and Secretariat officials;

Ensures the implementation of personnel records, official registration and preservation of labor cards of the staff of the election commission secretariats;

Records military registration of the personnel;

Implements other duties within its competence.

The department has got a round seal with the words "Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan.General department” on it and rectangular elastic stamps with the words "Authentic” for the approval of the extracts from the CEC decisions and documents, "Received documents” and "For envelopes” for the registration of the submitted appeals, "Delivery” for the registration of the documents sent and "Confidential” for receiving and sending confidential documents.

Sector of Working with Documents

Controls the implementation of clerical works in the activity of Con.ECs;

Implements personnel records and dossiers of the Con.EC members and secretariat staff;

Prepares the orders on the recruitment of the secretariat personnel of Con.ECs, registers labor cards officially and provides the commission members and secretariat personnel with relevant cards;

Records relevant notes in the warrants for an official trip provided to the Con.EC members and secretariat personnel who are on official trips.

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