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Monitoring department

Implements monitoring of developing professional skills of lower election commissions:

Compatibility of the activity of lower election commissions on the sessions and the issues under discussion with the regulations of the commissions;

Legitimacy of compiling the Con.EC session minutes;

Legitimacy of the adopted decisions on the issues put in discussions;

Legitimacy of the establishment of Task Forces to register candidates;

Legitimacy of the establishment of Expert Groups to consider the complaints;

Legitimacy of considering the appeals and complaints submitted to Con.ECs;

Implements other duties on monitoring activity.

At the result of monitoring, prepares suggestions for eliminating the irregularities committed in the activity of the election commissions.

By implementing inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints sent by the Commission Chairman to the department, prepares analytical and operative information, opinions, references and letters of response on them.

Participates in the compile of CEC reports, as well as, documents and materials to render methodical assistance to the election commissions.

Renders methodical assistance to lower election commissions in an administrative manner.

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