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Finance department

Implements financial support for the activity of the election commissions;

Compiles staff tables and drafts of costs list of the election commissions and submits them for approval on destination in comply with the legislation;

Compiles the draft of costs list for the preparation and conduct of elections (referendum) and makes it ready for the approval;

Ensures the distribution of the funding allocated for the preparation and conduct of elections (referendum) by state budget among the election commissions, transferring it to relevant bank accounts and therewith, ensures the implementation of the costs list upon abiding by the financial order;

After the elections (referendum), provides receiving and checking the accuracy of the relevant reports on the allocated funding which has been spent and controls returning of the unspent funding to the budget in a manner and within the period defined by law;

Implements documentation on accounting transactions and ensures control on taking financial and logistics activities;

Participates in the compile of CEC reports and other documents;

By implementing inquiries, appeals, applications and complaints sent by the Commission Chairman to the department, prepares analytical and operative information, opinions, references and letters of response on them;

Ensures timely registration of goods, materials and other valuable aids, also excludes main goods and materials which are morally and physically spoilt or destructible from the register;

Ensures the effective compile and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the financial activity to the relevant state bodies;

Implements activities with Con.ECs and PECs upon abiding by the financial order and ensures the organization of periodical seminars for them;

Implements other duties within its competence.

All the personnel of Finance department except chief specialist shall be high-educated economists.

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